Why Use SSL Certificates?

Before going over why it’s essential to use SSL certificates on Ecommerce websites, let’s first define what an SSL certificate is. An SSL certificate, commonly known by the name Secure Sockets Layer, is a standard security protocol that’s used to ensure the safety of transmitted data over the Internet. Basically, when you use SSL certificates, an encrypted link is created that protects the connection between a browser and a web server, or between computer systems. This means that when customers decide to purchase something on your website and share their credit card information, the process is safe and private.

Think of an SSL certificate as an official stamp of approval that will virtually eliminate customer uncertainty and resistance toward the purchasing process. Why will this happen when you use SSL security on your website? Among many other benefits of using SSL certificates, the main reason is because the certificate maintains a secure, stable connection between consumer and distributor.

  • Authentication

Since inputting credit card data is scary enough for customers, you need to convince them that your Ecommerce website is safe and legitimate. When you use SSL certificates, customers acknowledge that your platform and business are both authentic. So if your SSL certificate is displayed on your website where the customer can easily find it, you’re one step closer to sealing the deal on a purchase. The bottom line is that the customer needs to know that the information they share on your site is sent to the right server, without any interferences.  Above anything else, the goal should be to use SSL certificates so that customers can recognize your website’s security and trust your Ecommerce platform.

  • Encryption Technology

With more and more brick and mortar stores adding an Ecommerce website into the mix, it’s not unusual for customers to feel on edge about Internet purchases. To fix this uneasiness, it’s important for websites to use SSL certificates because they encrypt important information. During the encryption process, data is manipulated so that unauthorized parties can’t access it; only those that are intended to receive and view the data are capable of doing so. Remember to use SSL certificates to prevent security breaches and financial fraud from rearing its ugly head.

  • Elevated Brand Power

Usually when companies use SSL certificates, they include security seals on their website that alert visitors that the Ecommerce website is safe to use. As reassurance increases with customers, your brand power will also increase along the way. In a nutshell, the more stamps of security approval that are displayed on your website, the more potential your business has to expand.

  • PCI Compliance

Sorry to break it to you, but if you plan on selling merchandise on your Ecommerce website and accepting credit card payments, then you need to use SSL certificates. In case you didn’t know already, PCI standards are required for all businesses and organizations that accept credit card data. So, if you don’t want to run into problems with your Ecommerce website, use SSL certificates to protect your customers and continue to hold their trust.

Why Use SSL Certificates? was last modified: November 20th, 2014 by Kara