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Word of Mouth? More like Word of Consumer Keyboards

No matter what industry you’re in, most will agree that word of mouth is the greatest form of marketing. It is certainly not the only form but by far the most effective. Put yourself in the shoes of your consumers. At the end of the day when you go to buy a certain widget, whose opinion are you more likely to trust, a biased ad or a dependable neighbor? Our thoughts exactly.

However, as the online community continues to grow, it is less likely you’ll run next door to ask Mr. Smith which lawn mower he prefers. Instead, consumers are more likely to rely on customer reviews from the web. Google quickly caught on to the importance of these reviews and decided to include them in their search results pages, by incorporating customer ratings and reviews in their Shopping OneBox. Businesses were responsible for generating the social content and in return Google offered them the chance for better search results page placement and more traffic to their sites. But even these online testimonials have lost some credibility over time, with circulating rumors of paid responses and reviews.

Then came social media, a new form of testimonial straight from the horse’s mouth (for lack of a better cliché). Social media is defined as the exchange of user generated content. So while we fill our brand pages with promotional content, it is our customers that respond to what we post, not an anonymous respondent that may as well be the inventor of the product they are reviewing. Social media allows your targeted market to engage directly with your business. Whether the review is positive or negative, it allows your company to connect with consumers and ultimately enhance customer service.

With 53% of active social networkers following brands, businesses have the opportunity to build a brand personality and interact with consumers online. Research by NM Incite states that nearly 60% of social media users will review products and services. Because of these odds a social media presence is essential. At J.M. Field we are dedicated to providing our clients with quality fulfillment, unique creative services and memorable promotional products. As a result, our social media efforts bring in positive recommendations and feedback. Even if your followers are not consistently interacting with your page, by regularly providing engaging and relevant content, you will prove your business is an industry leader and a reliable source.


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