Web Marketing Questions:


First, our copywriters have the distinction of being SEO copywriters as we are an SEO services company, meaning we optimize all content for search engines so that not only will it be interesting and pertinent, but found by potential consumers! Next, every brand is different, with unique goals and distinct personalities. Some have an authoritative, old-school business tone, while others like to appear more casual and laid back, approaching their branding through social media. An investment company will obviously have a different voice than a fast food drive thru restaurant. It’s imperative then that the SEO copywriters do their research on the company and glean the impression that they give.

SEO copywriters are writers of course, and therefore skilled at creating stories, whether from their own ideas and imagination, or from someone else’s. When working with a client, the SEO copywriter must discover the voice of the client, through direct feedback and research, to mimic that voice. It may be a new client. In that case, the SEO copywriter may have to develop a voice for the brand. It would be up to the client to communicate how they would like to come across to the public and their consumers, and then the copywriter could implement this in web marketing copy, for example. The SEO copywriter would ask applicable questions of the client to decide how to move forward. He or she would need to know what kind of impression the client wants to make, how they want to position themselves in their industry, what makes them unique from their competitors, what they offer (and what they don’t) and often, just from talking to a representative, they will get a feel for the company that they can work from.

Of course, it also depends on what type of business the copywriter needs to speak for. A local car dealership will probably have a fast-paced, slightly aggressive tone to their advertising copy, while an aromatherapy shop will probably want to give off a relaxed, natural vibe. No matter the industry, at this SEO services company, our copywriters will speak for it.

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