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Why Should You Use Social Networking to Promote Your Company?

While you may not think of Facebook or Twitter for any other reason than keeping in touch with friends, and reading celebrity tweets, it has become a great way for businesses to interact with customers and a new marketplace for businesses across the globe.

Coleman-Parkes Research discovered that about 60% of the American public use some type of social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other networking site. Of those, 93% said that they believe a business should have a social media presence, and 85% indicated that they believe businesses should interact by way of social networks with their customers. With commanding results such as these, why not use social networking to promote your company?

Social networking is known to:

  • Add a personal/human element to your business
  • Allow companies to interact with customers directly online
  • Drive traffic for your website
  • Create a stir about your website, products, or services
  • Generate inbound links to your website, increasing search engine ranking
  • Create trust and understanding of your company

Social networks and other blogging services often serve as multiple tools. For example, you can network with colleagues, while also providing information to clients and prospective customers of your company. Social networking is also very cost-effective; most networks are free to join. Another benefit is the quick speed at which social networks and blogging services help you get news or a message out.

The more friends you make, and contacts you have in the social media sites, the more people take notice of you and your company.  Social networking isn’t about pushing people towards your company or products; it’s about pulling them in through socializing and spreading the word.

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