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What Does Google Instant Mean For SEO?

Many marketers are now arguing over the effect Google Instant will have on search engine optimization, better known as SEO. In fact, some are saying Google Instant has made SEO irrelevant, but others proclaim that they’re looking at the glass half empty and that this is one of the biggest opportunities to fine tune your SEO strategy to make it even more relevant.

But one thing everyone agrees on is that Google Instant will change the marketing game. So what’s Google Instant, this elephant that has caused an uproar in the SEO Marketing community? Google Instant is a new enhancement to Google search, which allows users to see the search results as they type in what they’re looking for.  Google Instant  presents a predictive search technology that displays the most popular versions of the word or phrase people are searching for.  This will allow users to get answers to their searches much faster and with fewer clicks.

Now the reason why some marketers think Google is making SEO irrelevant is because not only does Google Instant offer search results as soon as you start typing, but the results are different for each individual due to your web history (but this is only if you are signed in to a Google account) and the results change as you change the search term, whether longer or shorter.

As users begin to spend less time entering the word or phrase they’re searching for, it’s likely that they’ll click on the first few results they see, so being on page 1 of the search results page will be even more important than ever.

Now it’ll be even more important for SEO specialists to continue to use search engine optimization to improve the ranking of their clients’ websites so they end up on the first page of the Google Search Engine.

What about PPC/Adwords Campaigns?

But not only will Google affect SEO, it will also affect impressions and pay per click. The key reason is that when you’re using Google Instant and you pause for just three seconds, the search results displayed will be counted as an “impression”. This means that those companies using Google Adwords might see certain keywords receive significantly more or fewer impressions and see an increase or decrease in the amount of money spend on Adwords.

But one thing for sure is SEO is here to stay because like everything else, SEO marketing will evolve. As long as there are search engines, there will be professional marketers learning and adapting their strategies to follow suit.  But really, only time will tell and it’s too early to say how this will end up changing the search results landscape.

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