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Also known as online marketing, online advertising or Internet advertising, is the process of delivering promotional messages to a mass consumer base via the Internet. It includes a variety of options, like email, social media, search engine marketing, various types of display advertising and mobile advertising.

Just like with traditional advertising, it has a publisher, responsible for creating online copy, and an advertiser, who integrates the ads into the content. Other possible players include advertising agencies, who aid in creating and placing the ad copy, an ad server, who deals with the technological aspect of sending the ad and tracking statistics, and advertising affiliates, who do promotional work independent of the advertiser.

Online advertising is a rapidly growing business in the US because of the proliferation of the Internet. Basically, what was once produced physically is now produced electronically. In 2011, the revenues of Internet advertising superseded cable TV revenues and almost passed those of broadcast television. In 2012, revenues from Internet advertising reached $36.57 billion and increased 15.2% over 2011 revenues.

Web marketing is used pretty much across the board for all industry sectors. It’s interesting to note that it was actually banned in the early days of the Internet, but bypassed the guidelines through Email, the first publicized use of Internet advertising. Display advertising is now a popular form of web marketing, which conveys its message through text, logos, animation, videos, photographs and other graphics.

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