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Tips to Speed up Your PC

In today’s technological age, the computer has become our lifeline to the word. We depend on it to provide us with the information we need and utilize it to communicate with each other.  With this being said, it’s best that your computer can functions to its full potential when you need it to; you wouldn’t go into war with a dull sword.

If you’ve noticed that your computer is not running at optimum speed like it was when you first purchased it, there are certain things you can do to improve the speed and enhance its performance.  The first thing you can do is loosely tie it to the roof of your car and fly down the highway then jam on your breaks. I guarantee your computer will have never reached any higher speed. For those who would rather take a more practical approach, there are much safer and easier ways of speeding up your PC. At J.M. Field Marketing, we have compiled a quick list of tips that will help transform your tortoise of a computer into a Mach 5 Fighter Jet.

1. Disk Clean Up

The first thing you should do to rapidly speed up your computer is to free up some disk space. In Windows-based systems, the Disk Cleanup is the best place to start this. This tool helps identify the files that can be safely deleted from your system, and lets you choose which of these files you will no longer need.  Disk Cleanup is the same as spring cleaning but for your computer.

2. Disk Fragmentation

This tip is another great way to increase the amount of space on your computer. As you work on your computer, certain files become fragmented. As you try to access all the scattered files, your computer becomes drastically slower. Again, Windows users can use the disk fragmentation tool to consolidate fragmented files and folders on your entire PC. After you have fragmented your computer, your computer will be noticeably faster.

3. Windows Error Checking

Now that you have done your disk clean up and your disk defragmentation, you computer should be running like a brand new Lamborghini Murcielago; but you want that Mach 5 speed. So what else can you do speed up that process? The more you use your hard drive, the more prone it is to develop bad sectors. Bad sectors hinder the performance of your PC and make file saving difficult. This is where the next tip and tool is useful. With the Windows Error Checking utility you can scan you hard drive for bad sectors and search for files that are misplaced. Running this utility weekly takes your computer speed to the next level as well as helps prevent data loss.

I guarantee these steps will take your PC to the next level with speed and performance. But there is still one more thing you can do to get to the Mach 5 speed you have dreamt about. The big bad internet has a way of slowing down your computer by adding stuff you didn’t even ask for. Spyware collects your information without your knowledge. Like the real world, the World Wide Web can be risky as well. Not only does spyware compromise your personal information but it slows down your computer’s performance as well. To arm yourself against spyware, using the PC safety scan from Windows Live OneCare is probably your best bet. This scan is a free service and will help find and remove viruses. Taking control of spyware will make your computer safe and fast.

By following these steps, your computer will have reached the speed that you once only imagined. Now what do you do with that extra time that you used to waste on waiting for your computer to load? You can indulge in the things you really want to do online, like reading more of our company blogs.

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