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Three Ways Linkedin Groups Can Help Your Business


To see responses to this post and other examples of how your business can benefit from LinkedIn, follow this link.

Linkedin is a gigantic resource for business professionals. Evangelizing to folks already on LinkedIn the benefits of LinkedIn seems a bit like telling people they can survive by breathing, but my aim is to kick off a discussion that grows into not just three examples, but dozens of reasons why businesses and business professionals should be targeting this social platform. This, of course, is an effort to further educate those who are just starting to funnel the LinkedIn Kool-aid – myself included.

As I mentioned above, these are just three examples from my limited perusal. If you have some you’d like to share, the floor is yours.

Brand Extension:

For some companies, namely those that offer industry news and services which are cutting edge or those businesses with large visibility, starting a group can simply provide another channel where people can communicate and discuss issues related to your product. The company benefits, too, as it can monitor the conversation for feedback on the latest trends and mine the conversations to improve its overall brand, image and so forth. How it handles the data is another story. But, you might also be attracting a new audience.

Also, LinkedIn can be a good resource for companies in acquiring talented individuals. It happens … often. My brother-in-law was contacted via LinkedIn and now he pays for things in gold coins.

Industry News and Best Practices:

There is rarely any better source for information than the professionals that are on the clock day in and day out tackling the issues that face you and your industry. Not only can they provide information about the issues, but also how they tackled them – for better and worse. Learning from others’ mistakes is a lot cheaper than learning from your own. But, don’t just be an observer. Share your own experiences, how you managed to overcome them or — gulp — failed. Though, I wouldn’t try to treat these groups as a personal support group. That’s what Facebook is for!


Being a part of LinkedIn, the networking aspect of it is basically implied. But, fostering these relationships takes a little time and effort. The payoff, however, will be worth it. If you are seen as someone that brings value to these relationships on a consistent basis, you will only strengthen your friendships online. This is Social 101. However, on LinkedIn, you are boosting your professional life. People feel comfortable with people they like – and in business the same applies.

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