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The Old Spice Campaign, a Lesson in Social Media

We’ve all seen the Old Spice commercial with the sweet talking spokesman, Isaiah Mustafa, who delivered the memorable line: “the man your man could smell like.” What started with the “I’m on a horse” commercial has turned into a massive social media campaign due to the overwhelmingly positive response by both men and women to the advertisement.

Old Spice’s response to this was to have Isaiah reply to about 200 fans that asked creative questions or left comments on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The Old Spice Guy’s reply was in the form of funny and playful YouTube videos.

So what won the hearts of the fans? Well, it was probably the originality of the idea, the gorgeous spokesperson and comedic tone of the advertisement. Done in such a fresh and personal way, the commercials became a viral hit. Plus, the company knows their target audience well. Women actually purchase the vast majority of the body wash. With this information in mind, Old Spice designed their commercial to appeal to their target audience while combining both feminine and masculine ideals into the advertisement.

So, how does this translate into sales and ROI? Well, that’s still hard to measure, but the since the commercials were so memorable as were the Old Spice Guy’s response to fans, I’d say that people are more aware than ever of Old Spice.  I can definitely see more men and women contemplating whether they want to buy their regular deodorant or bodywash or whether they should give Old Spice a try.

Plus, another success for Old Spice is that consumers will no longer typecast the brand as for old/older men anymore, since these new commercials have re-energized the brand and created a fresh, new appeal to a younger demographic. This is a message to consumers that the company is open and willing to change.Old Spice

With more customers engaged and aware of the Old Spice hygiene products, the distance between customer and the company got that much closer.

Now, if a company tries a copy cat campaign, it just won’t have the same effect. But a creative marketing campaign that emulates the Old Spice campaign style would prove to be successful. All it takes is an original idea or a new twist to an old one to capture your target audience’s attention. Any company can make their mark. If you’re looking for a creative marketing idea to influence and win more customers, then contact us today!

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