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The Latest Google Buzz

Google Buzz is the technology company’s latest venture into social networking.  They characterize it as “A Google Approach to Sharing.” Buzz has many of the key features that have allowed Facebook and Twitter to become so popular. But unlike those two social networks, Buzz integrates directly into Gmail and other Google services. Basically, all Gmail users can utilize Buzz if they decide.

The social network has more features than Twitter and many of the features of Facebook, including allowing users to share updates, photos, videos and links with friends. It also allows you to import content from YouTube, Picasa and Flickr, and can even import your Twitter contacts. The question is: Do you really want to be able to update all your contacts directly from your inbox as well as see what everyone else is doing 24/7?

This can be seen as either a good or bad thing depending on the individual or business. But, it might turn out to be a wonderful marketing avenue for businesses. If you have your friends, clients and potential customers email info to your Gmail account, they will automatically be added as a friend.  Plus, it’s an easy way for you to start conversations about the things you find interesting.

Businesses might also appreciate that updates can be sent as private or public messages to large groups of people. There is already a mobile version. One of the mobile features includes Buzz map, which lets you see who’s buzzing about what in your neighborhood. But only time will tell whether Google Buzz is a good way to communicate and engage with your customers. Share your thoughts about Google Buzz by leaving a comment.

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