Social Websites & the Power of Google Plus Communities

social websitesWith search engine giant Google introducing their own take on social networking, other social websites have taken notice and businesses have started to add Google+ to their social marketing efforts. Even though Google Plus may seem like a mystery to most people right now, the purpose behind Google Plus is not just to be another noise signal among your other social websites. Google Plus is designed to completely change the way people use social websites by putting everything, including social networking, email and document sharing in one place. In fact, Google Plus takes some of the best points of other social websites and combines them into one platform.

One of the most powerful features of Google Plus is the communities. Google Plus communities allow your business to target people that are already interested in your industry. If you have a travel blog, you can join a Google Plus community with other travel blogs and instantly be connected to resources. How do Google Plus communities compare to other social websites?

Twitter vs. Google Plus

Twitter is known as one of the most spam-filled social websites. The reason is simple – it’s quick and easy to get followers on your account. Building up a real fan base on Twitter is something that takes time and effort and is definitely worth the time. However, with so many spam bots on social websites like Twitter, a large portion of your audience base may not actually be paying attention to you, even if you do it right. Google Plus on the other hand is less populated by spammers because it is much more difficult to set up. You need a Gmail account and have to go through several captcha checks. Plus, Google uses phone verification if you try to create too many accounts. Twitter has communities that are very useful but most are difficult to find or you need an invite to join.  Google Plus communities on the other hand are less filled with spam and are usually much easier to find and join. Google Plus communities are also usually carefully moderated to avoid spammers so make sure you don’t over post!

Facebook vs. Google Plus

For businesses, Facebook is a maven among social websites. Having a large fan base is a great way to reach out to your customers quickly. However, with the new way that Facebook presents information, you have to more or less buy likes or visits to your page. Without advertising, it can be very difficult to get new people to your Facebook Page. However, with Google Plus communities you can take information directly to your target audience and get new followers much cheaper.

Pinterest vs. Google Plus

Another one of the big social websites is the fun photo-pinning site, Pinterest. Pinterest used to allow users to pin any photo and add a custom link. This was perfect for those interested in getting traffic to their site, even if the picture wasn’t even hosted on the site. Pinterest has recently changed many of their policies and has made it a much more difficult platform to promote your business. Google Plus communities allow you to post any picture with a link to any page you want to. This allows you to get creative with fun images that can be different among different Google Plus communities and all of those fun images don’t have to clutter up your website in order to be posted. Pinterest is still a great way to get attention to your business if you’re able to post the pictures to your website.

Google Plus may not seem as important as the other social websites but it certainly is. With 343 million active users as of August 2013, Google Plus continues to grow at an impressive rate every day and Google Plus communities are a quick, easy and free way to bring your message to your target audience. Analysts that look at various social websites predict that Google Plus could actually become larger than most of the other social websites including Facebook. With Google Plus still evolving as a social network, it’s a great time to get involved and begin to build up followers using Google Plus communities!

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