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Social Media Tips

In recent years, social media has become one of the best new ways to help grow your brand and business. Because it’s still relatively new, social media novices may find themselves a little lost out there in cyber space. These helpful tips can help get your business started on building its social media network:

One step at a time

Start small when you begin using social media. It takes a lot of work to build a solid following for a profile, so concentrate your efforts into just a couple services before branching out to others. You’re more likely to retain followers better and longer.

Be helpful first, then ask

A lot of businesses that are new to social media blast their followers’ feeds with self-promotional babble. A good rule of thumb is to put yourself in your followers’ shoes: if you wouldn’t want to see it on your newsfeed, don’t post it.

Posting useful links to interesting articles and videos, asking and answering questions, and making your profile a helpful place to visit will help gain the respect of your followers and eventually, their business.

Don’t overlook smaller social media outlets

Niche social media sites may allow you to reach a more targeted audience than social network giants like Facebook and Twitter.

Follow people similar to you on Twitter

If your business is a beachside hotel, follow businesses that are relevant to travel, vacationing, and beaches. It wouldn’t hurt to follow important people in the local community, like the Chamber of Commerce, either. Because these people are trying to grow their network too, they’re likely to follow you back. Start interacting with your new Twitter friends by retweeting interesting things they say and participating in discussions.

Stay current

Do your homework and check out what the experts are doing. Staying current to social media trends will make your network and your business a success.

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