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Social Media Gets Chatty with Updated Messaging Features

social media messagingRemember that feeling you got when you sat down at your prehistoric computer, patiently waiting for your lousy dial-up connection to work so you could log into AOL? You feel like it’s taking a century to connect, you’re not sure if your computer is having a seizure or about to transform into Optimus Prime, and all you want to see is that little yellow man sprint across the screen so you can chat with your friends. You’re about to decapitate your monitor and recreate Michael Bolton’s computer-smashing scene from Office Space when you finally hear the “welcome” salutation reach your ears.

Suddenly, it’s like all your annoyance with attempting to connect subsides and all that currently matters is sending out a chatroom request to all your best friends on your buddy list. Fast forward to the present day, the age of smartphones and iPads, and you’re probably thinking to yourself… what the hell were we thinking back then? Since we’ve been surfing the web on our burdensome, outdated computers, the social media world has definitely evolved into something more extraordinary.

In today’s world, all you have to do is pull out your treasured mobile companion (a.k.a. smartphone) and click a few buttons to start a conversation. The art of social media messaging is ever-changing, with various social media platforms constantly thinking outside the box and trying to get people to connect with each other on a more personal level. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine have already showed their interest in the craze, incorporating private messaging onto their platforms. However, the newest member to join the social media messaging fever is Pinterest.

The Message-Sharing Mania is Contagious: Pinterest Becomes the Newest Social Butterfly

Pinterest, the go-to website for delicious-looking desserts, cooking recipes, health & beauty tips and other popular topics, recently added a private messaging feature called “Conversations” for its users. However, don’t let the name of the new feature fool you. Before you start thinking that you can just instantly message someone to catch up, debate about politics or discuss the latest fashion trends, you need to get used to sharing pins first. Social media messaging takes a new form on Pinterest, encouraging users to share a pin of common interest with another user in order to receive a comment, or pin, in return. This isn’t too different than Facebook’s recent communication endeavor, Facebook Slingshot, in which users are required to send a photo back in order to open up a picture.

Even though it’s a different form of social media messaging that relies on photo communication and reciprocation, there’s still a mutual effort from both platforms to increase social interaction and encourage participation. So when you notice that food porn pin that’s making your mouth water, or that wedding dress you absolutely must have, share it with a friend and get their take on it. Think of it as a new way to communicate and share the things you love through social media messaging with your friends, family or even co-workers. Even if you’re not too overzealous about the social media messaging fixation yet, just remember that we were born as social creatures. As Aristotle once said, “Man is by nature a social animal.”

Social Media Messaging can Increase Work Performance and Benefit your Business

Aside from just letting users admire shared pins and message each other about holiday-themed cakes, there are other fundamental uses for social media messaging on Pinterest. Say you’re a graphic developer that’s trying to come up with a new layout or design for an upcoming project at work. You’ve been brainstorming for days and nothing seems to be the right fit until your co-worker sends you a pin. You’re hesitant to look at first because, for all you know, it might be pic of double fudge oreo brownies that’ll make you want to kiss your WeightWatchers diet goodbye. Temptation wins you over and you decide to look anyway, only to find that your co-worker shared a pin with the exact design you’ve been trying to find. Or maybe you own a hair salon and you’re trying to think of ways to promote your services and display the trendiest styles. Social media messaging on websites like Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram are a great way for businesses to reach out to their consumers and communicate with messages, photos or discounts. Situations like these are proof that simple social media messaging has enormous possibilities. Co-workers can collaborate and brainstorm ideas together, allowing them to really get involved in the workplace and show enthusiasm for their passion in life. Businesses are able to thrive as well, promoting themselves through social media by sharing photos and interacting with prospective customers. So while everyone else is complaining about social media platforms adding private messaging features, consider embracing it and using social media messaging to work on your social skills or expand your business!

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