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Social Media Analytics

One of the main purposes of SEO is to drive traffic to your website. We create blogs, websites, and social media profiles and saturate them with keywords all in an effort to increase awareness of your brand and drive traffic to your main site. Google Analytics is an excellent SEO tool used by many marketers to show clients how users found their page, how they navigated through it and how they can enhance their user experience and interaction with their site. And now, social media outlets have stepped up to the plate and included analytic tools for business pages. While Facebook has had user insights for some time now, the Web Analytics race is just getting started.

On Tuesday Twitter announced they will release a new analytics tool, Twitter Web Analytics. The tool aims to provide site owners with a look at how much traffic their Twitter account is driving to their website and how effective integrations with the social media site are, such as Tweet buttons. Only a small group of partners currently have access to the web based tool, but a free beta version is expected to be offered to all website owners within the coming weeks. Twitter will also release an application programming interface (API) for developers who are interested in incorporating Twitter data into their software.

The tool will put a new spin on social media analytics. Instead of focusing on the actual content you share, it will look at how your website content is shared, whether it is through your account or not. Your analysis will also show you all tweets that reference your content. This will allow your business to react and reply based on the responses you receive. Another feature will allow you to see the number of tweets that originated from the Tweet button on your site. Additionally, Twitter will show you the amount of clicks a given tweet received on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Social media has reached a point where how they compete will either make them or break them. Although in some cases they have found ways to work together, ultimately the race will remain a competition to the top. Who can make engagement the simplest, who is the most user friendly, who is the most business friendly? These are all topics social media outlets will continue to try and conquer. As businesses continue to create a brand presence on social media, they will greatly benefit from the analytics rivalry. With better analysis of their content and how it is received by consumers, businesses can evaluate which SEO initiatives work best and which ones need improvement. We believe this is only the beginning and the evolution will go on.

Check out the full video of Twitter’s Web Analytics announcement below.


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