Create a buzz online with Social Marketing

Social marketing is about people. People rely on social media to seek out other people with similar interests. It is this behavior that is changing the way businesses are approaching their marketing strategies. Combined with an integrated, multi-level marketing campaign, it offers businesses a way to get feedback from some of their most loyal and trusted voices.

Built-In Benefits

It can also help spread your brand’s visibility online. This increased awareness comes with a built-in benefit: developing social media relationships with potential customers can help spread news of your brand from a trusted third-party voice. Who do you trust more, a friend that has tried a product and recommends it, or a company selling you a product to profit? It’s Word of Mouth 2.0 and you can’t afford to avoid the social media marketing landscape.

Social Outlets:

  • Blogs: Great source for original content and SEO
  • Wikis: A collaborative online environment where users can add and edit content
  • Micro-blogs (Twitter, Tumblr, etc.): Brief, one-to-many exchanges
  • Social Networking Sites (Facebook, etc.): Where your company can let its hair down a bit
  • Video/Photo Sharing (YouTube, Flicker, etc.): Demonstrate, entertain and show who you are
  • Message Boards: People tend to be more honest (sometimes brutally honest) when there is anonymity

So which should you use for your business?

We can help you implement and maintain a social media plan that will increase your visibility, build your reputation online, and support your marketing goals. We’ll integrate a campaign that covers the big four: Twitter, Blog, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and others too. Our team is well-versed on the changing landscape. We’ll help you weed out the good, bad, and plant some solid practices.

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