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It depends on how involved the client wants to be with our copywriting services. If they are concerned about every step of the process, they may want to see first drafts of the marketing copy. In this case, they are more than welcome to work directly with the SEO copywriter and put in their opinion. Ultimately, we work to please the client, and if you are not happy with the copywriting services, let us know so we can fix it! We are more than happy to comply with your standards and want to give you the best copywriting services to fit your needs. It is a creative process and the client is more than welcome to join in on the collaboration, after all it is the web marketing copy they are going to use.

On the other hand, if the client is one that puts their trust in us to develop outstanding copy for them and is not worried about being involved every step of the way, that is more than okay. Of course, they would have to approve the final product, whereupon we expect them to voice their opinion. If it turns out the copy is a bit more humorous than they wanted or, too long, our SEO copywriters will make all necessary edits to achieve the desired effect.  Our copywriting services are first-rate and our SEO copywriters will work with you no matter what level of involvement you would like to take.

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