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As far as which technique is superior, there is not a clear answer, as both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Paid ads catch a user’s attention right away from their placement at the top and sides of the SERPS and many users aren’t even aware that the results are ads. The ads will appear at the top of the results right away, whereas organic search results often require months of organic SEO services to reach this coveted position. The ads can also be tailored exactly to your audience, based on factors like location, income or age bracket. If the company has a certain type of buyer they would like to target, custom ads can be very helpful indeed.

The disadvantages though include the cost and the chance that people might not trust the info from an ad. Also, the paid search results disappear from the top of the page when users stop paying for the ads. However, in cases where people are looking to buy, and search terms like “buy dresses”, ads bring in double the amount of clicks that organic results do.

Organic search results have their advantages as well. About half of web searchers do not click on ads, simply for that fact, that is, that they are ads. They may trust organic results more because they got to their position through SEO, not payment. SEO is a complex, ever-changing process that, if done right, rewards those with the top position in the SERPs. And once a business reaches the top of the SERPs, it’s relatively easy to stay there, as they’ve gained the trust of the public. SEO is difficult though, to put it plainly. There are many factors involved and the average Internet user will most likely have to hire an SEO services company to attain high rankings for their site.

For most companies, using a mix of both organic and paid results is the best answer. The organic results lend authority to a company and evergreen search results and the paid ads have immediate top placement and work better for when customers are looking to make an in-the-moment purchase.

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