Web Marketing Questions:


Well, that is a bit like asking, why do we need cell phones if we already have land lines? Though you might have a method that is already bringing you success, you could prosper even more with a new technique. Not to be cliché, but the Internet is a gigantic world of possibilities at your fingertips. Billions of dollars are spent yearly on Ecommerce, and web marketing is important because it aligns with today’s consumer’s purchasing process. A whole generation of people is being raised where buying online is commonplace. Many people at the very least use the Internet to conduct pre-purchase research. Web marketing allows businesses to build relationships with customers and offer low-cost personalized communication. A web marketing campaign can run 24/7, unlike typical business hours.

Offering your products on the Internet is also convenient for customers who can shop whenever they like, and not be confined to normal shopping hours. Marketing on the web also allows you to overcome distance barriers as you can sell to any part of the country or world without setting up physical outlets.

There is the fact that marketing on the Internet costs less than traditional marketing. You don’t have the continuing property rental and maintenance costs or have to purchase stock to display in the store. You are able to order stock in line with demand, which would keep the inventory costs low. Internet marketing also offers personalization through tracking. You can build profiles of your buyers’ spending habits and then tailor personalized offers to them. Also, by tracking website-viewing habits of your consumers, you can add better product.

Internet marketing allows you to keep in touch with consumers by sending product offer emails and inviting them to post reviews. Marketing on the web also allows you to take advantage of social media and give your brand a human touch. All of these benefits add up to more sales and consumer loyalty for you.

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