Phonebooks and newspapers are, well, old news when it comes to Local Search Marketing

In today’s market, you can’t rely solely on newspapers and phone books to get the word out about your products and services.

Flipping through the yellow pages is a thing of the past – people are searching on their computers and smart phones for services and products they need in their area.

You’re probably wondering how to get the word out about your local business. And since you seem pretty smart, you’ve probably done some research and read about internet searches increasing qualified leads that result in conversions. Well, web marketing in general is about converting traffic to your predetermined goals – a sale, a contract, a lead. Whether you’re a small business or you have a product or service that is offered at a national and international level (if you do, we can help with your shipping needs), then you need to target customers locally to survive.

What is LSM?

It helps your business pull up in relevant searches, targeted at specific geographical areas. It moves past the “what” someone searches for and includes the “where” in search results. With sites like Yellow Pages on a steady decline, businesses are focusing on local search to continue to grow their local online presence. Whether you are an established business or a startup, drawing in local customers is what will ensure sustainable growth and help to better target your desired customer.

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