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JMF Top Ten: Marketing Strategies of 2013

marketing strategies

Every year marketing strategies change in order for businesses to stay ahead of the competition and win over consumers. 2013 was the year of sleeker, more streamlined marketing strategies that connected users with products through the help of multi-faceted marketing platforms. The hype of social media being the next big thing has simmered down and marketing teams everywhere have realized that Facebook likes and Tweets don’t necessarily equal direct sales but do result in valuable brand awareness.  What else can we take away from 2013? Check out these top ten hot marketing strategies from 2013 and gain some insight to start out 2014 ahead of the curve.

1. Be Responsive to Change.

Having a website that’s responsive isn’t just a new marketing strategy – it’s now a requirement. The cold hard fact is that your site isn’t going to be viewed on just one type of monitor ever again. With every type of laptop, smartphone and tablet sporting a different screen size, your site needs to be ready to meet the demands of a variety of devices. Make sure your site is responsive and you won’t lose your customers to competitors that are more mobile-friendly.

2. Logo Design

One of the hottest marketing strategies of 2013 was logo revamping. A wave of logo-redesigns swept some of the largest companies and the majority of the changes reflected the same style: back to the basics with flat colors and cleaner lines. Last year’s 3D trend is out and logos this year are back to good old 2D.

3. Be Viral

Videos help users retain information and encourage sharing. Would you rather share a static page of text or a funny video? Consumers are more likely to share a video, so get cracking on your next viral video. Even if your video doesn’t hit the millions of views mark, having videos helps drive traffic if done right.

4. Have your Head in the Cloud

Cloud based-SEO and internet marketing tools get everyone on your team on the same page quickly. Cloud-based tools are a hot marketing strategy because they save time and money from installing programs onto workstations and make the tools available from literally anywhere.

5. Retargeting

Ever go to a website then leave only to have ads follow you around? It’s not a coincidence, its retargeting. Retargeting is advertising to consumers after they have visited your site and it’s a hot marketing strategy because it’s highly effective. Consumers have already shown an interest in your business by visiting your site so keep yourself on their mind with retargeting. Some of the best ways to retarget consumers is through AdRoll, Google Remarketing, Retargeter or Bizo.

6. Get Social

Websites need to be social. Even if your audience isn’t sharing what you’re posting, having the social buttons is a seal of social media approval on your site. Remember to be tasteful with your social media share buttons and what the auto-post text is. If you don’t think having sharing capabilities is necessary on a specific page then don’t include it. There are still some industries where social media sharing isn’t required.

7. Custom Web Design

Another one of 2013’s hot marketing strategies is to build graphically stunning websites that reflect your brand. Although not every website needs to go to the extreme of mega-companies like Apple, the minimum is having a website that is suited to your business needs while still looking good.

8. Be Multi-Lingual.

Did you know the Hispanic market is one of the largest growing populations segments in the US? If you aren’t targeting the Hispanic market with bilingual efforts, you are missing out on potential sales opportunities. Integrating your website with Google Translate is a quick fix but make sure you have your pages checked by an expert if you go this route.

9. Go Visual

If you’ve visited any of the trendy websites like Apple or Red Bull lately you may have noticed the trend toward heavily image-based pages. Text is out and pictures are in. Why? An image of your product or service immediately translates what you company is all about and is better retained by consumers.

10. Multi-Faceted Marketing

What do websites, billboards, city buses and radio all have in common? They all are platforms for advertising. Many online marketing companies try to rely simply on advertising online but some of the most effective platforms are still having your name on the back of a city bus. Don’t abandon old-school marketing strategies for all new ones. Being multi-faceted is essential in today’s competitive marketplace.

2014 is just around the corner and updating your marketing strategies will put you ahead of your competition. Contact us today and let our team of marketing professionals help you take your business to the next level.

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