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Instagram Meets Ecommerce: Impulse Shopping with the New Like2Buy App

Have you ever thought about why Instagram photos are so appealing? Maybe it’s the pleasing photo-finish features that make our eyes pop or the filters that make us believe we’re all professional photographers. Regardless of what the factors are, it’s hard not to stay off Instagram and admire artsy pictures from family or friends. But are those the only types of pic-posts that call your attention?

Plenty of social media platforms, including Instagram, are pretty much breeding grounds for brand awareness and engagement. So, if you can’t get enough of your favorite retailer or business in person, you’ve most likely added their page to one (if not all) of your social media sites to keep up-to-date and stay informed of the latest trends or updates. This means that you’re constantly viewing fancy displays, product highlights, and other tempting merchandise that you’d rather have in your hands than virtually covet from a screen.

Like2buy app

Smart Sales: Nordstrom and Saks take advantage of the Like2Buy app

Instead of just window shopping from your phone and making a mental wish list, wouldn’t it be more satisfying to click on a photo of the shoes you’ve wanted for a week and be transported to the retailer’s site to finalize the purchase? Well, the new Like2Buy app created by Curalate makes this long-awaited wish a reality by letting Instagram users both browse and buy!

Like2Buy, Not Browse: More Opportunities to Say Sayonara to Browsing and Hello to Buying!

If it seems like the world of social media is gravitating towards Ecommerce and introducing buy buttons on the regular, that’s because it is. Not too long ago, Facebook announced its buy button experimentation and, just recently, Twitter is believed to be revealing a buy button at the end of the year. Now, Instagram can be included to the Ecommerce family thanks to the alluring new Like2Buy app that was rolled out by Curalate.

How does the Like2Buy app operate, you ask? Before getting into the basics, you should note that the Like2Buy app operates a little differently than the Facebook buy button. Wherein Facebook’s mobile buying experience lets you shop in-platform, the Like2buy app functions separate from the Instagram platform. Basically, the Like2Buy app URL, which when clicked, transports you to an Instagram-like photo gallery, can be placed on a retailer’s Instagram account. Despite its platform difference, the Like2Buy app is similar to Facebook in the way that it acts as a middleman for Ecommerce.

What we mean by this is that it’s not an Ecommerce site that processes payments. Instead, the Like2Buy app serves as a sales helper by guiding customers to the retailer’s website. So if you’re on a retailer’s Instagram account scrolling through pictures and you spot an item you just need to have, you can just click on the Like2Buy app URL which leads you to a duplicated feed that resembles Instagram. Find the product pic you want to buy and voila, you’re directed to the actual retailer’s website to complete your purchase.

Sell, Sell, Sell! How is the Like2Buy App Good for Business?

Yes, the Like2Buy app creates a whole new buying experience for customers and makes it super convenient to shop via social media. However, the customers aren’t the only ones benefiting from the Instagram product push. Statistics from Curalate show that the engagement level with brands on Instagram is drastically higher (almost 60 times more) than the brand engagement level on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. What does this mean for the businesses that utilize the Like2Buy app? It means that they’re getting an extra hand to push purchases and drive more consumer engagement, without their business having to sweat about sales. The Like2Buy app won’t take charge of a business’ Ecommerce transactions and profits, but will empower them by raising brand awareness and acting as an intercessor of Ecommerce.

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