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How Using a Responsive Email Template Can Boost Your Conversion Rates

responsive email templateRemember checking your email this morning? Which did you open it and which did you swipe over to the black hole of archives? Maybe some would have seemed more enticing if they were meant for the device you were checking it from – your mobile phone. Most companies in the past few years have made their websites responsive to every device possible. As much as we use our cell phones and tablets for everything internet related, it is just as important for companies to implement a responsive email template so the user gets the best experience in order to get the best conversion rate.

How Important is Making Email Responsive?

Email used to be something we checked once a month and has now grown into an integral part of daily communication. Whether it is business or personal, 47% of people check their email from a mobile device. However, most of the emails are meant to be seen from a desktop view.

Since the spike in use of email, almost 50% of people made a purchase from an email promotion. This form of marketing is becoming prevalent in driving sales, which is why it must stay up to date with design.

Using a responsive email template is one of the key factors in growing conversion rates because consumers are more enticed to see what’s inside. 80% of email recipients will instantly delete an email if it is not visually pleasing. That results in a huge loss of getting the customer over to the website to purchase. If the preface of the email is not cohesive with the device, naturally consumers are more inclined to skip over it.

Perfecting the Preheaderresponsive email template

A preheader is meant to be the informative 50 or so characters that show before the email is opened.  33% of people base opening an email on the subject line and preheader. Some businesses aim to have a preheader but do not base it off of a responsive newsletter template. This causes the information to run off, and could result in an archived email. Aesthetically designed emails that have triggering preheaders naturally lead to higher conversion rates.

If You Want a Response, Get Responsive

Today it is no secret that your website is in its best form when it is fully responsive. Using a responsive email template to send eblasts to customers is getting more important every day in the eCommerce and marketing world. If you would like to learn more on how to get your email responsive and increase conversion and sales, contact a member of our web marketing team today!


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