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How Pinterest Might Benefit Your Social Marketing Campaign


With social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn, it’s hard to break through the market barrier, however Pinterest has managed to do just that. Although the relatively new social media site, which functions much like an online bulletin board, doesn’t have quite as many members as those sites mentioned above, it has seen incredible growth since its inception. During the month of December, Pinterest had more than 7 million visitors become members, up significantly from the 1.6 million acquired in September and the site just recently hit the 10 million unique monthly visitors mark. Businesses have caught on to the Pinterest hype and are finding ways to incorporate the new social media site into their social marketing campaigns. Pinterest is now used by more than 100 major brands, including Whole Foods, Gap, Etsy, Zales and Lowes.

Here’s how it works. All are able to browse the site, but as of now you can only follow and post with an invitation from an existing Pinterest member. Once registered, you’re given the opportunity to develop a series of boards (think, bulletin boards) organized by themes, interests or however you see fit. You are then able to browse through the site and organize (or repin) images onto your boards for keeping. You can also pin something new by uploading a photo of your own.

Content easily becomes viral on Pinterest, which has inspired a new form of social marketing among small and big businesses alike. Pinterest is ideal for businesses because they are able to post their products or services in a visual form which then link back to their site. The site is already driving buyers to other sites and blogs that were once overlooked. For example, has seen a 446% increase in web traffic driven just from Pinterest, which has in turn positively affected their sales.

But Pinterest isn’t right for every business. Keep in mind, approximately 97% of Pinterests’ Facebook fans are women. Also, if your products or services don’t translate well into images, chances are Pinterest users may not repin your posts, essentially eliminating one of your main social marketing goals within the site. Pinterest also does not offer business perks or features like a Facebook fan page might. All you can do is give it your best shot. Create an account, follow relevant members and post images of your products or photos of items that inspire your company’s mission. Just remember, images that are most likely to be repinned and liked are those that pinners find interesting, beautiful, funny or intriguing.

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