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Google’s PlaceRank to Transform Online Search

Google has always been at the forefront when it comes to designing cutting-edge web technology. Recently, they came out with Favorite Places, which is a list of more than 100,000 well-known local businesses. These businesses were selected based on their Google PlaceRank, which is determined by their importance and popularity through such factors as the amount of users that searched for the company, requested driving directions, uploaded photos, reviews  submitted and the number of years it’s been around.

These businesses will receive window decals that have a QR code (two-dimensional bar code) that can be scanned by certain smartphones and doing so will bring up the business’ Google listing. Consumers will be able to view a wide variety of information about the company including its phone number, hours of operations, coupons (if any), types of cards accepted, reviews, brands carried, menus and user-generated content. They will also be able to “star” the business to reference back to or to write a review. This is sort of a Zagat or Page Rank for all businesses. Parks, government business and retail stores will all have a PlaceRank.

If you’re one of those lucky businesses, having Google endorse your company is a big deal. So you want to know how to get listed as a Favorite Place? We can help! We’ll set you up with a local business listing to take advantage of Google PlaceRank. In addition, we can help your SEO for PlaceRank, utilizing all the different factors to help your company become a Favorite Place.

What does it mean for businesses? Having your business listed as a Favorite Place on Google is beneficial to both consumers and businesses. It brings online traffic and is a high badge of honor that can turn your business into a success, increasing your clientele and revenue. If Google’s Favorite Places takes off as it did in Japan, you will be seeing people everywhere using those QR codes.

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