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Google Gets Fresh

Today Google announced a tweak to their search algorithm to generate “fresher” results. The update is expected to affect the results of approximately 35% of searches. The aim for “fresher” results will attempt to provide consumers with the most relevant and latest search results.

Last year Google completed its Caffeine web indexing which allowed the search engine to crawl and index pages at faster speeds (and so the live query results were born). Now, the improved ranking algorithm will provide more up-to-date results. The update will impact searches that may fall under the following categories:

Recent Events or Time Sensitive Topics

For trending topics that focus on upcoming events, Google’s search results page will offer the most recent updates that may even be minutes old.

Reoccurring Events

For events that take place on a regular basis, users expect to see the most recent results. For example, if you search for material on the presidential election, most likely you’re looking for information on the current race, not one from years ago.

Frequently Updated Information

There are tons of searches for information that can change any minute. For example, the score of a football game or customer reviews on a product. Now, Google will assure you get the most recent results first.

While this idea of “freshness” is not new, the improved algorithm is designed to determine which searches require more recent results.

Some questions still linger with the recent update. Like, what is really considered fresh content? Does updating a small portion of a page count as fresh? Does the fact that we posted this article after a few other industry leaders make our post fresh-er? Who knows, we’re sure in due time Google will address these questions and any issues that may arise. In the meantime, in an effort to enhance your search engine marketing we suggest you make sure all your site’s posts that pertain to trending topics or recent/upcoming events are updated as often as possible.

To view the full announcement from Google, click here.

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