Google Analytics Introduces Analytics 360 Suite

The user experience is becoming more finely tuned every moment. Users want information before they can even process their thoughts. We want our search engines to figure out what we’re thinking and get us the information in the most effortless way. Google Analytics has been giving enterprises insights for the better part of a decade now. However, as competition rises and the amount of data we can gather surpluses, the trick is mastering how we harness that data in order to connect with our customers in the fashion mobile technology has presented.

“There’s nothing like it. Minds were blown! My mind is still blown,” Harry Tannenbaum, Head of Business Analytics at Nest Labs stated about the new feature from Google Analytics, the Google Analytics 360 Suite.

On March 15, the Google Analytics 360 Suite was released with six products including four that are brand-new:

Google Audience Center (beta):

This product is a data management tool that allows marketers to connect with their customers and discover new ones through different campaigns, devices, and channels. By using Google and DoubleClick, native integration is applicable.

Google Optimize 360 (beta):

In order to deliver better user experiences, marketers can test different website versions, A/B test more accurately, and personalize whatever content or user experience is the best for that chosen audience.

Google Data Studio (beta):

This powerful product houses and integrates data from the all of the 360 Suite products and any other data source of the marketer’s choice. It creates aesthetically pleasing and user friendly reports and dashboards. Real-time sharing and collaborating over data analysis has never been easier now that it’s accessible on the Google Doc platform.

Google Tag Manager 360:

This known product is included to simplify information from websites and other API’s that provide enhanced data accuracy and workflows. The marketer is prompted to work at a faster rate because decisions can be made confidently by the insights that are gathered.

Previously known GA Premium, now Google Analytics 360:

Over the next couple of months this product will release new capabilities that will act as the centerpiece for capacity and measurement when it comes to analyzing customer data from every access point that will collaborate with the advertising products to increase marketing efficiency.

Previously known as Adometry, now Google Attribution 360:

This product was revamped to allow marketers to have an even closer look into where the marketing budget and investments are best spent. Performance on advertising and campaigns will be measured more accurately through all devices and channels in order to maximize the efficiency of their marketing mix.

analytics 360

A few enterprise companies have already seen the benefits of the new features. “Using the integrations in the Google Analytics 360 Suite, we are able to manage everything in one seamless platform,”- Khoi Truong, Director of Analytics and Media at L’Oréal Canada. Do you have to be an analytics guru to figure it out? Certainly not. Google will shatter expectations per usual and make the new suite accessible as long as the user is willing to explore.

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