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Web Marketing: Get the Most from Your E-Blasts

There are so many facets of marketing nowadays that many boundaries have been blurred and some traditional forms are no longer relevant to society’s most popular media outlets. Since the dawn of Email, marketing branched out online. Not only can target audiences be reached through web marketing initiatives such as banner ads and pop ups, but now we can narrow down the list to those that are specifically interested in our brand and personally contact them. As with any web marketing strategy, there are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to an email marketing campaign.

DO use your Email marketing campaigns and other web marketing initiatives to promote discount sales, promotions, product announcements, time sensitive reminders, corporate newsletters and news alerts.

DO use clear and concise subject lines. Try to stay under 5 words. Your subject line is your first and only shot to intrigue your readers to click through to your offer or reminder. Also make sure your subject line is relevant to your Email content. Users hate the old bait and switch method and are likely to opt out if they feel they’ve been duped.

DON’T hound inactive recipients. There is no benefit to harassing people who are not responding. They’re not responding for a reason and you’re likely wasting time and money by continuously attempting to reach out to them.

DO drive your traffic to a well-built landing page. Click here to learn how to develop an effective landing page. If you don’t plan to utilize a landing page, make sure you provide links that drive traffic to the appropriate pages of your website.

DO engage your audience with a relevant graphic and/or interesting copy. Keep your content short and link back to your site.

DON’T re-use the old content. Provide readers with fresh content that is applicable to your campaign. Clearly express the benefits users can take advantage of by clicking through to your site and/or landing page.

DO measure the effectiveness of your campaign by determining click through rates, unsubscribe rates and open rates.

DO test messages. Send out a couple different forms and layouts in the first phase of your web marketing to see which is the most effective. Then use the selected email format to send out to your remaining addresses.

Internet users are most likely to respond to the Email marketing campaigns and web marketing campaigns that pertain to brands they trust and know, that provide relevant information to their daily lives, that was recommended by a friend, that is timely or has a compelling subject or one that offers a special price or coupon. In any web marketing campaign, it is important to target an interactive audience that has some relationship with your brand. If not, your dollars are wasted and consumers are often annoyed. To ensure you’re targeting the right demographic for your Email marketing campaign and all your web marketing initiatives, contact our team today!

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