Fall In Love With Our Tips To Increase Sales with Valentine’s Deals

We all know the week before Valentine’s Day is when the gifts get bought. According to recent polls, February 7th and 11th are the two peak sales days. Make that week your business’s strongest plan of attack for Valentine’s day deals. Around two-thirds of Americans don’t even start thinking about what they are planning on buying or doing until that week.

Conquer the Insanity with Valentine’s Day Deals

Be prepared to show the customers what they should buy in emails and Social Media. On average, shoppers referred from Facebook averaged $125 per order. If customers are going to be scrolling at their leisure anyway, might as well kill two birds with one…of cupid’s arrows.

Valentines Day Deals

Roses are red, and you’ll be blue if they don’t arrive on time.

Make it a Manly Holiday

Careful, this is mostly a magical night for women, which is why men are your moneymakers. They will spend double the sales on Valentine’s Day deals that women will spend trying to ensure that magic will happen. Here are a few simple factors that will drive sales:

  • Target men in email blasts and social media with valentine’s day ideas
  • Simplify the gift giving; make it as easy as 1,2,3 to get the gift and get to the check out
  • Guarantee delivery on or before the 14th
  • Create a sale specific to last minute gift buying
  • Make it a romantic shopping experience, but save enough for the actual holiday of course

Convenience is key, and always a good way to lure in the bait.

Don’t Let the Shopping Cart Get Stood Up

Order abandonment can lead to the blues on this warm and fuzzy holiday. A way to increase fulfillment is to offer a percentage off the total purchase, free gift wrapping or shipping, something that will entice them to return to the website and place the order. A few dollars off won’t matter in the big scheme of sales.

May Cupid Be Ever in Your Favor

Whatever way you choose to increase Valentine’s Day deals and more importantly eCommerce sales and fulfillment, aim to make the customers come back because they had a pain-free, rewarding experience with the way marketing brought them to your website and the user experience. If you are interested in learning more about increasing your business’s eCommerce sales and fulfillment, contact us to speak with a member of our eCommerce Solutions team!

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