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Facebook Fan Page vs Facebook Group: How to Choose the Right One

Since the recognition of Facebook as an excellent way to interact with customers and create brand awareness, businesses have asked the question, should I create a Facebook Group or launch a Facebook Fan Page? This growing confusion began after Facebook introduced Fan Pages, which have many similar features to Facebook Groups.

Like Myspace, Facebook wanted to give organizations, businesses, celebrities and bands a way to connect and share their information, special offers and events with the public. Not only can people use Fan Pages to connect with their favorite stores or artists, but they can show their friends what they’re interested in, essentially recommending that brand or person by adding it to their personal profile.

With a Facebook Fan Page businesses can post pictures to their page and daily updates to their wall. Facebook Groups are a bit different since they can either be closed, invite only or open to everyone. Groups are often used by clubs, organizations and people who want to share common interests. They often list the names of the administrator on the right side of the page. Groups are on topics that range from eating Oreos to dog training, and causes such as walk for the cure.

Unlike Fan Pages, groups are more directly connected to the people who administer them which mean that the information you post and send out will reflect on your personal profile. Groups have a size limitation when it comes to sending out email updates to members, while Fan Pages can have unlimited fans. When it comes to updating a Fan Page everyone receives the update because this is posted on the wall or inbox of the recipients depending on the update method used.

A page can also be personalized with applications to show the creativeness of the company, while groups don’t have this ability. Both groups and pages have similar moderation features, the ability to create events and host discussions and forums.

So when you’re deciding between creating a Fan Page and a Group, you should think about your audience and how you want to connect these people. Fan Pages are better if you’re a brand, business, band or celebrity who wants to interact with their fans or customers without everyone seeing your personal account.  Groups are great if you prefer to organize on a personal level for your club, cause or interest.

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