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Eat, Pray, Love: A Marketing Dream

When it comes to children’s movies, a merchandise tie-in isn’t a new story. What would kids do without their collectibles from McDonald’s and books from Walmart. But a merchandise tie-in for movies for adults, specifically women, is a more recent phenomenon. Although there was “Sex and the City 2” vodka, sunglasses, jewelry and even thong panties, the marketing products didn’t get their own weekend on the Home Shopping Network.

A week before the movie premiered in theaters, August 13th, was the Eat, Pray, Love weekend on HSN. They presented Eat, Pray, Love themed items consisting of over 400 beauty, home décor, travel and jewelry products inspired by the three countries- Italy, India and Bali, featured in the movie. In addition, there was a jewelry and home accessories line at Cost Plus World Market and themed travel tours.

This is another way for studios to promote their marketing products, raise awareness and increase profits. Who doesn’t want to have a similarly decorated room as the main character’s Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love. Plus, the main character and her journey resonances with women and so do the exotic locales featured in the movie.

So expect to see more merchandise tie-ins to future motion pictures. Friday night movie openings will no longer be just about the movie.

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