What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the label that identifies your company and sets it apart from others on the World Wide Web. It represents ownership and control of your website as a resource or asset of your company. Your domain name should match your company name and reflect your industry. For your company’s website to be successfully accessed by customers, you should search and choose a name that is easily recognizable and memorable. Let our experts find, register or transfer your domain name. We offer selections from any of the existing high-level extensions: com, org, net, tv, cc, info or biz.

Web Hosting Services

J.M. Field Marketing is a dedicated provider of web hosting services. We can host your website domain on our server; we have sufficient rack space and memory to store your domain. This allows us to be more efficient in providing you service. Working with J.M. Field Marketing offers you more control over the operation of your website and technical support is always available. You can count on us to always keep your website domain running efficiently online.

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