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To have an impact today, many businesses turn to inbound marketing, which focuses on creating quality content that draws people in to your company and product. This method contrasts traditional marketing which involves techniques like buying advertisements, email lists and hoping for results.

People are more easily able to determine what marketing is and don’t just want to be sold to, they want to be educated and will be more apt to buy from a source they trust then a source that is just trying to sell them something. Businesses today have a responsibility to be trust-worthy and intelligent while offering the consumer what they need. Blogging is an inbound marketing method which attracts new visitors to your site through a personal touch.

In order to interact with your consumers today, you must offer them valuable information presented in varying formats. Blogging accomplishes this with the voice. You are able to present information in an entertaining manner, a serious manner, or myriad other ways. Blogs are an effective inbound marketing tool playing along with the social media element of marketing. Social media is just one of the many aspects that comprise the complicated process of SEO, and so blogging can be incorporated into this phase. According to a MarketingSherpa poll, 84% of marketers rate blogs as somewhat to very effective.

Blogging can be a very effective tool, depending on the industry you are in. A clothing company’s website would lend itself very well to a fashion blog but a blog might not be effective for a waste management company. Blogs were originally started as online diaries of some sort and bloggers mostly just used the format as a platform to express their thoughts. They have since evolved into being able to be used for a variety of purposes.

Quality content in any form will benefit your business if it is engaging and informational.  Assess your company and its goals and a blog will most likely be an effective marketing tool for you.

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