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An Evolving Job Market

The marketing world is constantly evolving. Trends come and go and as a result, agencies must adapt. This adaptation often includes developing new jobs to fulfill the market’s new needs.

Many of these “new” jobs have been created within the past decade and deal mostly with progressing computer technology, immediately weeding out most baby boomers who feel accomplished just by turning on a computer. (Sorry mom).

Usability Analyst

This particular position is most commonly applied to websites, software and other user interfaces to assist with web marketing and web design. These experts evaluate interactive products to ensure ease of use for the end user. They also advocate for updates and improvements to these interfaces based on the principles of user-centered web design. Usability Analysts often serve as both the analyst and the designer.

Social Media Manager

Online communities are not particularly a new realm, however social marketing is growing in popularity as a place for brands to get noticed and start conversations with customers. With social media clearly changing the way in which many businesses advertise, it became necessary to create a position that would head the management of these branding outlets and develop social marketing strategies to leverage those audiences that make use of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. for social media marketing efforts.

Director of Special Projects

Never heard of this one before? That’s most likely because we made it up. As with other titles developed out of necessity, J.M. Field Marketing felt the need to create a job position that would cover what others didn’t. So, we hired Samantha Guevara, the perfect candidate for the job. As the Director of Special Projects, Samantha develops and carries out the projects that don’t fit into the job descriptions of anyone else. This includes a variety of tasks, from planning special events to human resources and internal communications. Samantha specifically focuses on duties that directly support the the goals of the president. But, Samantha doesn’t only answer to the big man, she reports to those that ask for her help on any given project they are working on.

Marketing firms will continue to change as the industry evolves. With changes come new needs and those new needs will be met by whatever job title we muster up next.


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