Generate business with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a method of practicing online business strategies. Businesses promote and sell their products through multiple venues. This is a win-win process simply because both parties gain from the sale; the difference is that the affiliate promotes (markets) the product(s) on a third-party portal on behalf of the affiliatee. The affiliatee has nothing to do, but pay out and ship the sale, thanks to the efforts of the affiliate. The advantage for the affiliate is that there is no overhead, or branding to worry about, as it is already established.

J.M. Field Marketing’s expertise is in alleviating the tediousness of marketing your products and services online.

When done correctly, there is a great potential for increased traffic to your website. All affiliate marketing programs require strong marketing strategies and careful planning as well as on-going campaign management. We have the experience necessary to deliver results.

Affiliate and Affiliatee Relationship

An affiliate is the person who markets and sells another company’s products and services online and gets paid a commission based on leads or sales.

An afiliatee is a company or person who allows a 3rd party entity to market and/or sell its products and services. The affiliatee is responsible for tracking the leads or sales in order to pay a commission to the affiliate.

J.M. Field Marketing and its affiliate experts can choose the best and most profitable affiliate programs available in any industry that will fit your needs.

How to Become an Affiliate?

If you are a website owner, it can be very profitable to get involved in an affiliate marketing program. If you don’t already have a website, J.M. Field Marketing can create one for you to advertise your affiliate marketing services. We will examine all the affiliate marketing programs available and choose the best ones for your website-related niche. A great example would be, if your website is about parenting, you can become a marketing affiliate for a company that sells accessories for toddlers, books on parenting, cell phones and much more. Become a J.M. Field Marketing affiliate today!

Types of Affiliate Programs

There are many different affiliate programs available and that makes it tricky to choose the one that will meet your needs and fulfill your business goals. Let us assist you in making that difficult decision, it’s one of our marketing team’s areas of expertise. Direct affiliate marketing creates millions in revenue each year for businesses. Our team will help you set up your affiliate program, and in no time, you will see an increase in your sales. There are many types of affiliate programs, including hotel affiliate programs, alternative medicine affiliate programs, web hosting affiliate programs and much more. Affiliate marketing is a great strategy for selling online.

Affiliate Tracking Software

We have a proven track record in creating affiliate tracking software for marketing services. Our affiliate tracking software will effectively allow you to set up multiple affiliate programs and load banner ads, so affiliate users can register for marketing services and earn commissions. Our content management system tracks all transactions. You can manage the affiliate tracking software by simply signing in. It is designed to pay the website owner every 30 days for the purchases made because of their marketing efforts. The possibilities in our affiliate marketing services are endless!

Make More Commission as an Affiliate

Affiliate marketing programs are free to join and are a great way to earn extra money. All direct affiliate marketing is incentive-based and website owners receive a percentage of every sale made through their marketing efforts. Depending on the affiliate program, website owners will earn a small or large commission each time a customer purchases a product. A website owner can even earn extra money by doing affiliate promotion. This means that you will promote another affiliate’s website and when customers make a purchase through that affiliate’s site you earn a percentage of their profit. This is a great online marketing strategy for businesses to increase their sales.

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