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Five Effective Ways to Build Links to Your Website

You can increase your overall search engine ranking and website traffic by increasing the number of links to your website. Link building requires you to create solid, permanent links on related web pages. Links can be reciprocal or one way, but you should use your keywords in the anchor text to attract targeted visitors. Here are a few thing you can do yourself. You can effectively build links by:


You should create a blog about the products and services your company provides. Your blog should have compelling information that people will want to read and link back to. You should update your blog frequently with new articles.  And, don’t forget to respond to comments on your blog.

Publishing an RSS Feed

If you don’t have an RSS feed you should set one up today! By publishing an RSS feed, you will allow people to subscribe to your updates. Whenever you publish new articles, your subscribers will immediately see the update in their browser.

Writing and Publishing Press Releases

Every press release you create is a link to your website. You should publish your press release on websites that are willing to link back to your website. You can write a press release about a new product launch or service, a new store opening, launching a new website, celebrating your company’s anniversary, sponsoring a seminar etc.

Exchanging Links

The website you decide to exchange links with should be related to your website’s topic in some way. Before you ask that website’s administrator to exchange links, you should place their link on your website.

Hiring an SEO Consultant or SEO company

When you work with us, we will perform all these actions and more. Our link building campaigns will effectively create awareness and increase your search engine ranking. We are experts at creating link building campaigns that improve the visibility of your website.

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