Web Design Questions:


Web design is an ever-evolving process, as technology advances and different viewing platforms are used, such as mobile devices, like smartphones, tablets, etc. A lot of people access websites via smart phones so most web designers will design mobile-ready, responsive websites.

There are different ways that a website can be optimized for mobile. Responsive design can be used so that the website will serve all devices on the same set of URL(s), with each URL using the same HTML for all devices and only using CSS (cascading style sheets) to change how the page is condensed on the phone. Or a web designer can create a site so that it dynamically services all devices on the same set of URLs, but that each URL follows different HTML (and CSS) depending on whether the user is accessing it from a desktop or a mobile device.

There is also the option of creating separate mobile and desktop URLs for a site, which isn’t usually done as you would want uniformity across platforms and not confusion from using different site names. If the web designer chooses to use responsive web design (the most user-friendly), it would be set up so that the server always sends the same HTML code to all devices and the CSS is used to change the rendering of the page on the device using media queries.

Responsive design is recommended because using a single URL makes it easier for users to interact seamlessly across platforms and share and link your content. Also, redirection isn’t necessary to get to the mobile-ready view and it saves resources for the site and Google’s crawlers. The option to serve separate HTML on the same URL will basically give the user the same experience as responsive design but will have different steps for the web designer.

Finally, separate mobile URLs, in which each desktop URL has equally different URLS serving optimized content for mobile is the least user-friendly but still a way to optimize content for different devices.

At J.M. Field Marketing, we make sure that our sites are responsive and mobile-ready for all users.

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