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Websites To Expose Your Business

What do you do when you need to locate a company to perform a service or provide a product you want to buy?

As simple as it may seem to locate a provider of a product or service you are looking for, there are several things to consider. To start, hardly anyone uses the “Yellow Pages” or “phone book” any more. If people use a directory to find companies, it’s going to be from an online resource… something like “” or most likely, Google. In either case, you will want to have at least a one page website.

Secondly, if you are networking or using a referral system to generate business, you are still going to want to have a website and have it listed on your business card because it’s what people expect. Think about how surprised someone is going to be when you are talking to them about your business and you tell them that you don’t have a website… the perception is going to be that you are a small time “rinky-dink” company. That thought is most certainly going to be followed by a “I would never do business with them”.

Your website doesn’t need to be fancy with lots of pictures, pages and flash. It merely needs to be simple and designed to fit your needs and budget. If you start off on the right foot developing your website and you are using a credible web-designer, you can always grow the sophistication and complexity of your website as your business grows.

J.M. Field offers a variety of web-design services; including: SEO, Flash and CMS.

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