Web Design Questions:


Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the king of the Internet. It determines whether you make it big, with your website’s name in lights on Google’s elusive first page of stars, or you flounder, lurking in one of the thousands of results pages. It’s your chance to be noticed, your flashing light in the darkness, and it’s very important for your business’ bottom line. Ecommerce sales were in the billions last year and tons of people browse Google daily searching for a variety of services. We make sure that the excellent web design services we provide will be seen in the search results, so we make your site SEO-friendly.

Our copywriters produce high quality, well-written content to match your site’s objectives. Keyword research is the foundation of on-site SEO and we pick and choose the right words to intersperse throughout. We optimize the content to be SEO-friendly so that your pages are divided and stand on their own, instead of having multiple pages on the same topic. We strive for engagement and low bounce rates by creating meaningful, SEO-friendly copy. Our web designers account for readability, which combines everything from page layout and font selection, to letter and line spacing. We creatively tune navigation and the presentation of links to other content. These visual elements have a large impact on user engagement and other metrics like time on site and conversion rates, so we focus on them. One of the search engine optimization tips we recommend is not having too many advertisers on your page, as Google may penalize you for it. We are cognizant of title tags, Meta descriptions and headers when working in HTML. We obviously stay away from outdated and penalized practices like keyword stuffing and stick with simple and easily readable URLs. Also, we recommend a website that has about 7 pages, as Google constitutes this length as good website structure.

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