100100101001010 Makes Our Web Programming Department LOL

When it comes to your next big online business idea, don’t let your lack of web programming abilities force you to stop before you start, call us before you decide to make any rash decisions – like shelving that great idea!

As experts in web development, our web programming department takes pride in our programming proficiency in creating great content. Their experience and expertise form the foundation for secure, reliable and easy-to-use web sites. From large-scale content management systems for Ecommerce stores to small database driven forms, our web programmers are eager and capable of creating winning projects of any size.

Web Programming Languages:

  • .NET/SQL
  • Javascript/jQuery
  • Flash Actionscript AS2/AS3 development
  • HTML5

Our Web Programming Philosophy

Our software engineers will custom-develop your website with the latest software, with your input every step of the way. Before we begin each project, we make it a point to develop a detailed plan that streamlines the entire process.

We take into account the front-end design as well as the back-end programming so the end result is a well designed site with optimal functionality.

We Think outside the Box with Our Web Programming, Too

Some of our successful projects include not just standard websites and content management system tools, but also outside-of-the-box ideas.

  • Custom built games for lead generation
  • Interactive Flash Promotions
  • Games for hosted events
  • Interactive leaderboards

Our goal is to utilize our web programming skills to give your site a better user experience, with real-time tracking that will help you generate sales leads and increase the likelihood of a sale. We might even try to teach you to laugh in the face of 1’s and 0’s, or at least understand them a little better!

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