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Before we answer that question, let’s speak on what design is. Design collectively is the process of aggregating ideas and arranging and implementing them in an aesthetically-pleasing way that follows visual principles. Web design follows the same school of thought, with the intention being that the final product will be displayed on electronic web pages which users will be able to access through a web browser, aka, the Internet. Web design uses elements present in all types of design like layout, color, graphics, fonts and content. To explain each element further, we’ll begin with layout.

Layout is how the images, advertisements and text are arranged in relation to each other. The web seeks to provide persons with information they can obtain at a glance. With this in mind, it is sought to maintain stability, uniformity and integrity of the design.

Another element web designers take into consideration is color. Color choice depends on the purpose of the website, such as if it is an Ecommerce site selling product or a business site presenting information. Color may be splashed across the screen in vibrant hues or used sparingly, depending on the purpose and clientele. The content may demand a simple black-and-white theme or multi-colored web design. Either way, web-safe colors should be used to properly present the person or brand of an organization.

Graphics are an element that is used in the process. They can include photos, icons, logos or clip art, all of which enrich the web design. Graphics should not just be thrown in for graphics sake but to serve a purpose and enhance and streamline the content. To appeal to users, they should be appropriately placed, in conjunction with the color and content of the web page, while not congesting the page or slowing down loading time.

Fonts are part of the process and are also used to enhance the visual experience. Most web browsers can only recognize a numbered group of fonts, known as “web-safe fonts,” so the designer should work within this accepted group.

Yet another important aspect is content. Though not graphic-based, it works together with the images to create the message of the site. Text should always be relevant and useful so as not to alienate the reader. It is also very helpful to optimize the content for the search engines, incorporating proper length and relevant keywords.

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