Using Photography for Custom Web Design: Behind the Scenes at JMF

Custom web design is becoming more and more popular because companies want to break free from the restrictions of templates. More companies are choosing an image-based custom web design because it allows them to showcase their portfolio front and center throughout the entire site. There is no longer the need to bookshelf your portfolio onto one page when images of your work can be splashed throughout your website. Use the portfolio page as a way to show off projects and describe the project more in-depth and use your entire site as your portfolio!

Here at JMF Studios, we recently had a photo shoot for a custom web design project we are working on. Check out this awesome behind the scene shot of our Creative Director, Alexis, with a few JMF team members!

custom web design

If you’re considering a custom web design that features more images, check out these tips from the web design experts at JMF!

Show Off Your Creativity

Your company is creative but how do you let new customers know this without seeming too self-absorbed? By showing and not telling. Want to show off a great billboard your company has just designed? Save the lengthy project description for your portfolio and keep the home page clean with vibrant images. Your clients will get the idea that you designed it or it wouldn’t be front and center on your home page.

Pictures Equal Engagement

Post a picture on social media and you’ll get a much bigger reaction than a text-based post. Why? Pictures can be absorbed instantly while text is often skimmed over. People want to be able to immediately grasp if a company is right for them. By using custom web design that features attention-grabbing images you’ll have a much better opportunity to engage future customers.

Be Fresh

With a home page that features an image-based custom web design, you’ll have so much opportunity to freshen up your homepage. Whenever you complete a new project you can now showcase it on your homepage and give your customers something new to check out when they visit your website next. Plus, knowing that you are always bringing new ideas to life builds your reputation. Leaving the same logo you designed 5 years ago on your website is a great way to tell clients and potential clients that you really haven’t done anything new in the past few years. This probably isn’t the case, so make the time to update your website.

For all companies, using professional images of completed products is essential.  Whether you create custom web design or custom products, customers are able to learn more about what you can provide them from actual images over stock images. We’ve all been to that website – the one filled purely with stock images. Although stock images can be a great way to add some visuals to your site, using only stock images can take away some of your company’s credibility.

Want to learn more about custom web design? We build custom websites for our clients based on their requirements. Contact us today about how we can build you the perfect website!

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