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Using Online Games to Your Advantage

Whether you play Farmville yourself or you know somebody who does, you probably have a good idea of how addicting this online game can be. At first glance, Farmville seems like a complete waste of time and not worth investing hours of your life into. But once you get a little taste of Farmville, you’ll be surprise how addicting it becomes and soon you’ll become devoted to harvesting and fertilizing your crops. Before you know, you’ve incorporated your crop schedule into your daily routine.

Zynga, the creators of Farmville and various other types of online games, have found the “Holy Grail” to keeping their participants engaged and entertained. These games like Farmville are addictive because they are based on a system of constant rewards. We all love to be rewarded, whether it’s in the form of a compliment, a tangible gift or a virtual item in a video game. The object of the game creates a desire for us to come back to this virtual world to keep up with its happenings. Online marketers and game designers can learn a lesson or two from the creators of Farmville.

Because of their innovative ways, Zynga is now valued at four billion dollars. Although the worth of Zynga has skyrocketed, this is nothing compared to the amount of traffic that their games receive. Gaining more traffic online is one of the main goals of companies everywhere. When websites receive high volumes of traffic, search engines like Google rank them higher than their competitors.

These high ranking sites are placed in top spots when people search for keywords relating to a specific company.  Not only do online games like Farmville drive traffic to the site, they keep participants on the site for a longer period of time.  A game like Farmville can make you spend hours harvesting your crops, then have you come back to harvest some more. With all the new perks and items that you can obtain, it’s amazing how addicting this game could be on such a simple platform. Whoever said marketing is not “fun and games” has never effectively used online games to their advantage.


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