JMF Top Ten: Why Website Design Updates are Important

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There are many reasons you should keep your website design updated, from keeping up to date with current trends to gaining your client’s trust in your services. Every type of website design can benefit from regular updates and it’s a great way to improve search engine ranking. Here are the top ten reasons you should update your website design and information:

10. Outdated or wrong information is a huge turn off.

There is nothing that consumers hate more than trying to contact your business and getting an error message. If you’ve changed locations, phone number, or email address, the first thing you should do is update the information on your website.

9. Adding social media links help put a voice behind your business.

There was a day when website design wasn’t “social”. There were no links to social media because there was no such thing as social media. Today, however, you add credibility to your site by having social media accounts that are easily accessible through your website. Whenever you add a new social media account, update your website design and let your consumers know!

8. Regular website design updates show you are up-to-date in your industry.

If you’ve ever navigated to a site that is visually outdated then you know it doesn’t lend any confidence in that business. Having up-to-date website design gives consumers confidence that you are also up-to-date with the latest trends in your industry.

7. Updated website design shows your business is well organized.

First impressions are important and it’s common knowledge that having a neat, clean and organized front office shows clients that your business is also well organized. Having a presentable website design does the same for your businesses in the online world. When customers come to your website, it’s your first opportunity to prove to them that your business is structured.

6. Fresh home page content is king.

Customers that click through to your site and see a blog post from 2010 are going to doubt if you are going to provide information that is relevant to them. Old blog posts can be on your domain but links on your home page must go to fresh content or you risk looking like a dinosaur.

5. Platform updates enhance usability.

If you are using a platform like Word Press to manage your website design, keeping an eye out for updates is important in keeping your site as user-friendly as possible. One of the advantages of using a platform for your website is being able to update it fairly easily.

4. Adding “link juice” to your website design.

You can update your website easily by refreshing the content with links to other pages on your site. Pages with high page authority can transfer authoritative “link juice” by linking to other pages on your domain using “anchor text” or keywords and phrases. Whenever you have pages on your website link to other pages on your site, it adds credibility to your content.

3. New technology allows for better website design – why not use it?

Technology updates allow you to have faster, more secure and better website design much easier than before. Why not take advantage of new technology and put it to use? It is rare to see anyone walking around with a flip phone now that smart phones are readily available. The same goes for your website design. Why have a “flip phone” website when you can have one that is compatible on smart phones, tablets, and other devices? More and more web searches are done on phones and other new devices and it’s becoming more and more important to have tablet compatible and mobile compatible websites.

2. Updated website design can help improve user experience.

Making your website design easy to navigate will keep consumers coming back. Websites that are confusing and difficult to use are the fastest way to lose customers. Consumers often have many avenues for purchasing a virtually identical product or service. If they are on your site and it’s difficult to purchase or navigate, they will go someplace else that’s easier.

1. Search engines favor websites that are updated on a regular basis.

Nothing tells a search engine you are a trustworthy site like regular updates with fresh, high-quality content. All the major search engines crawl your site on a regular basis and if they keep seeing the same information month after month you will slowly lose some of the authority that you worked so hard to get.

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