Web Design Questions:

  • How Do You Utilize Ecommerce Website Design?

  • How long will my web project take & what will the cost be?

  • Is the website you will produce for us SEO-friendly?

  • We don’t have high quality images, what do you suggest?

  • What else should I know about your web design services?

  • What is a content management system & how will it benefit us?

  • What is web design and what are its various components?

  • What platforms do you use to create websites & shopping carts?

  • Why is great web design necessary & what are its costs?

  • Will you make my website responsive and mobile-ready?


When doing Ecommerce website design, there are many features that we  incorporate to make your site successful.

Simple Checkout Process

The first is a simple checkout process. Nearly 60% of consumers abandon their carts before completing the sale. One reason for this could be a troublesome payment process. We implement shopping carts like Magento, Shopify and PrestaShop. We clearly label all directions on your Ecommerce website. Rather than “continue,” your customer will search elsewhere if there are hazy rules. If consumers feel they are being led in a circle, they will give up.


Another feature we utilize is security. An online merchant account needs to be secured. Consumers have to feel safe when giving out their monetary data. We ease this concern by applying for security certificates and posting the badges in visible areas of your site.

Fast Loading

Fast loading is a factor in Ecommerce success. You may lose your shoppers if your Ecommerce website takes more than 3 seconds to load. We ensure you have a website that will load quickly through the Ecommerce web design we use. Not only will a slow website discourage consumers, it may also hurt you in Google’s search rankings too. Before we launch your Ecommerce website, we make sure to check load times.


Another attribute of a successful Ecommerce site is that it is mobile-ready, and the sites we create always are if requested.  A large amount of individuals search the internet from mobile devices instead of PCs and laptops, so it is imperative that we incorporate a mobile version into your Ecommerce budget.


Having a call-to-action (CTA) is another factor for Ecommerce success. Your customers need your guidance. A call-to-action should be seen a minimum of once on each page. We use primary CTAs, for creating purchases, and secondary CTAs, that result in additional data regarding merchandise, services, and growing your mailing list


We’ve already discussed how we make your website SEO-friendly, which incorporates good social media design and we take that into consideration when designing also.

Social Sharing

We use social sharing buttons on your website, so you won’t miss credible customer referrals. It is important to integrate social media action tools into your Ecommerce website, such as those for Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

And finally, we give you the credit, in making you appear like the knowledgeable presence in your industry that you are.

The most effective way to show your customers you care is to repeatedly educate them about your merchandise. We do this by incorporating how-to videos, tutorials, white papers, and eBooks into your Ecommerce website design. You will find that in addition to better search results, you may also see a boost in sales by positioning yourself as someone knowledgeable in your field. We will implement all of the forms of authority you possess to make your Ecommerce website stand out.


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