Web Design Questions:


We use WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, Joomla! and Drupal, among other, web building programs.


WordPress began as a blogging tool, became very popular, and along the way morphed into not only a free and open source blogging tool, but a web design tool and content management system based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress is used by more than 22% of the top 10 million websites and includes plugin architecture and a template system. It’s the most recognized blogging system on the web but is increasingly used as website software. It’s most known for its use of interchangeable and customizable themes that can change the appearance and usability of a site, without altering info content or the structure of the site. It is easy to use when optimizing sites for mobile devices as well, with native applications existing for WebOs, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry.


OpenCart is another platform we use which offers richly designed features, is easy to use, search engine friendly, and has a pleasing interface. It offers unlimited products, shopping cart software, limitless categories, allows the acceptance of multiple forms of currency and languages and is open source with free documentation. More features include order management and various payment gateways.


Magento, another open-source content management system with shopping cart capabilities, is used by us to create Ecommerce websites. Magento uses the MySQL relational database management system, the PHP programming language and pieces of the Zend Framework. It supports a Web template system which creates many similar-looking pages and modifies them.


Joomla!, another website creator, can actually be used independently of a content management system because it’s built on a model-view controller web application framework. It’s written in PHP, employs object-oriented programming techniques and software design patterns and stores data in MySQL, MS SQL or PostgreSQL. It has features like page caching, RSS feeds, blogs, printable versions of pages, news flashes and support for language internalization.


Drupal, yet another website creation platform, is used as a back-end framework for a small percentage of websites worldwide. It contains basic features like user account registration and maintenance, RSS feeds, taxonomy, menu management and page layout customization.


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