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Optimizing Your Landing Page

The landing page is the first web page your prospective customer sees after they click on an advertisement or link to your site. The goal of the content and design of your landing page is to get your prospect to take a desired action. Effective landing pages will compel your prospect to sign up or enter their information, the contest, sweepstakes, trivia game or survey.

Five tips for an effective landing page:

1. Utilize engaging designs– The landing page should tell a story or sell a product using visually appealing designs.

2. Use direct headlines– The headline of the landing page should clearly state what the page is about. In addition, it should be direct and keyword-rich.

3. Provide a compelling message– Every good landing page should include a persuasive message. This page is your online sales person. It should compel your prospect to take action.

4. Brand the Landing Page– By branding your landing page with your company name and logo, you will assure prospects and customers that the page is trustworthy and credible. This is also a good way to increase conversion.

5. Display the benefits of using the product or entering the contest– Use bullet points to showcase these features, so that viewers can easily understand the benefits instead of searching the copy. And, don’t forget to ensure that the page loads quickly because viewers won’t wait for a long loading web page.

By optimizing your landing page, you are increasing the rewards for your business.


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