The Move to Mobile Friendly: Designing Your Site to Be Mobile Responsive

Since we live in a world where virtually everyone uses tablets and smart phones, it’s necessary that Ecommerce websites function as mobile friendly. Why? Just ask anyone who has ever landed on a website that wasn’t optimized for mobile. Text is microscopic, page elements don’t load quickly, or correctly, and you’re forced to zoom in using your fingers just to read the content.

Poor web design like this will lead visitors to bounce off your site in no time and, even worse, get you penalized by Google. Don’t jeopardize your search rankings and lose potential customers due to bad web design that leaves out the mobile user. Design a mobile friendly site that puts emphasis on all users and provides a satisfactory experience.

User Experience Matters: Embrace Mobile Friendly Design for Customers

J.M. Field Marketing recognizes the importance of websites being optimized for mobile, which is why we only build mobile friendly websites for our clients that deliver positive results. We stop problems before they start by ensuring that every website we design for our clients is mobile responsive, so there’s no question of how your website will perform. These mobile friendly platforms automatically respond and adapt to their environment, allowing the interface and appearance of the website to remain unchanged.

No matter the device, browser or platform being used, your website will be delivered in the same format each time. Content, including text, pictures and ads, will react and adjust to screen size so that mobile users can easily access it. The end result is a more enriched user experience that will drive more web traffic and increase conversions.

Go Mobile Responsive: Get Started on Your Website Today

When you choose J.M. Field Marketing for mobile responsive design, we’re able to make your website adaptable to different environments so that the user experience is the same through any device. Take advantage of all the benefits of going mobile friendly, like decreased bounce rate, engagement from a broader audience and an overall improved user experience. It’s also more cost effective and easy to manage, since you’ll have one URL that’s accessible throughout multiple platforms.

Get on Google’s good side and let us design a mobile responsive website for your business that’s easily navigable on different devices. Contact our web team today about mobile responsive design or call 844-523-1957, to receive a quote and be on your way to providing mobile friendly service to your consumer base!

Mobile Friendly Design was last modified: June 11th, 2015 by Kara