Web Design Questions:


How long your web project takes to complete does not have a set answer, as there are many variables that go into the web design, including your interests and requests. There are three main types of websites- informational, Ecommerce and those that need frequent updating, like a blog. The amount of content and pages your web project requires also factors into the time it will take.

A small, 5-page non-responsive website with just a few pages and limited major features might take 4-8 weeks. It will have a content management system but lack complicated features like calendars and large libraries of content. Medium websites with 15-20 pages of content will take a little longer and depend on the amount of content that is given to the web developers. If we have to create it, naturally it will take more time. Finally, a large website with 30+ pages of content and advanced features will, naturally, take the most time to complete. Steps like implementing a shopping cart or event calendar will factor into the time.

At J.M. Field Marketing, our web developers would give an approximate time range of 6-12 weeks, given that the majority of content such as tags, images and organization is ready. Cost is based on the customer’s web project needs- such as whether they need static, dynamic or Ecommerce pages. It also varies depending on how many pages, products or custom features the customer needs; features like interactivity, video-driven content or boutique-style writing. Some customers are more concerned with presenting the perfect brand, while others deem putting a large amount of product on their site to be most important. All of these factors determine cost.

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