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Lights, Camera, Action

We are almost ready for our Hollywood make over. With the  video production studio almost complete, we’ll soon be ready to add video marketing to the services we offer.  Soon customers and fans of J.M. Field Marketing will be able to watch a video of the talented employees and the creative work that we’re known for.

One of the main focuses of the video production studio is to integrate video into different marketing campaigns since electronic media has become more important than ever in reaching customers. The majority of people surfing the internet for information are more likely to pay attention to video than to read the information on the same subject.

The idea of written works being overtaken on the internet seems to be ludicrous, but with streaming video available online that statement is absolutely true. I know that when I get long drawn out emails from family and friends, I am more likely to skim through it as opposed to receiving a video on the same subject. When I receive video I am more inclined to watch it, I would even say excited. Video is the main reason why YouTube as blown up the way it as.

Video is the next stage for the way information is viewed and received. Since we have a mammoth-sized video studio, we will be able to produce video blogs, product demonstration videos, training videos, customer service advertisements and more. Video blogging is just tip of the iceberg when it comes to our plans for our newest service.


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