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Keys to Successful Video Production

As you may have heard, we have begun construction of our two new in-house video studios.  Combined with the video production control room, it will be among the largest video production studios in South Florida. Even though we are very excited and eager to begin production, when construction and set-up is complete, we believe that in order to have successful video production it must not only be done efficiently but also done right. So I’m going to share some key points to look for, which will help you produce the best videos.

Keep in mind that every studio has its own style of production and set-up; usually it depends on what type of video that will be produced. But they all have a set of key factors that allows them to produce quality videos, all of which we have  incorporated into the set-up of the J.M. Field Studios.

• Lighting: Lighting is the heart and soul of any video. Without it you wouldn’t be able to see anything, so having quality lighting equipment is very important. The good thing is that it’s very easy to set up as long as you know some basic lighting principles. A lighting kit that can give you direct and diffused lighting is necessary. Also make sure that the light set-up can give 3-point lighting or triangle lighting, where light is coming from at least 3 different places, forming a triangular pattern around the person’s head.

• Sound and Video: Without quality sound and video equipment, people will not watch your videos so it’s necessary to have decent microphones and cameras.

Video Editing: Reliable sound & video editing software is also necessary. The usual programs video editors use are Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Onlocation and Adobe Sound Booth.

Equipment:  This is a list of standard equipment needed for professional video production:

  • Multiple cameras
  • Tripods with dollies for each camera
  • Multiple microphones
  • Video switcher
  • Audio switcher/mixer
  • Lights
  • Light mounts
  • CD player, DVD player and Videotape players
  • Cables
  • Head set communication system
  • Monitors for each video source
  • Computers

• Set:  A set can allow for great versatility and also saves countless hours on the video editing end as well. The size and set-up of a video set depends upon the kind of video production needed. The set must be separate from the video control room and the control room needs to be as sound proof as possible, allowing for video editors to communicate while shooting is in progress. A head set communication system is the best way to communicate, especially when video editors or the set director needs to relay information to camera operators in the control room without polluting the microphones with unwanted sound while shooting. Green Screens can also be implemented within sets very easily and will allow for even greater versatility while shooting.

With these key factors, video production can be made to be extremely successful. At J.M. Field Marketing, we are also implementing all of these factors in our own customized way to bring our client’s vision to life. So if your company has an idea or a vision that you would like to bring to life with video, feel free to give us a call, and we’ll be happy to assist you with your video or video editing needs. Your questions are always welcome.

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